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First Ever T(r)op Chef Competition

on Monday, 19 November 2012.

First Ever T(r)op Chef Competition

The Trop Chef Competition (above) drew the Villas community closer than ever before. With three participating suites and three mega prizes, the program was a success! Each participating apartment was given 5 secret ingredients, including blackberries, carrots, and chicken breasts. The prizes were gift cards to local Santa Barbara restaurants: $100 to the Boathouse at Hendry's Beach (1st place), $50 to Jeannine's Restaurant & Bakery (2nd place), and $25 to South Coast Deli (3rd place). Each team prepared amazingly delectable dishes that would be a match to five-star restaurants! Several dishes prepared were carrot cake with a blackberry topping sauce, grilled chicken breasts topped with parmesan cheese, and a sparkling blackberry lemonade refresher. See more photos on Facebook


  • In addition to all the fun I had living at the Villas, something that I also think is important no matter where I live is customer service, and the relationship a tenant has with the property manager. Whenever I had a problem with anything, like the water not running right, or being locked out, there was always someone around or someone I could call to help me out, and they were always fast about it, which I really appreciated. Overall, living at the Villas was an awesome experience.

    - Annie J.

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  • We really had a welcoming, community feeling to our building which made it that much better to come back to every day after class or work. The Villas at Tropicana has really felt like a home to me and I can't wait to come back for another year.

    - Ashley J.

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  • I loved spending my senior year at UCSB in a nice apartment that was in Isla Vista but wasn't submersed in the party atmosphere.

    - Emeri K.

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