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A Swedish Girl’s Journey: Why I came to SBCC and my impressions of Isla Vista . . . so far.

Written by Sofie B on Wednesday, 13 February 2013. Posted in Student Life

A Swedish Girl’s Journey: Why I came to SBCC and my impressions of Isla Vista . . . so far.

My name is Sofie and this is my second semester at SBCC studying photography.

I come from a city in Sweden called Malmö. I worked at a bank for about 6 years. I felt it was time for a change and I found Santa Barbara City College on the Internet. Everything I read about the school was positive. I do not think I read one bad review about SBCC.

I moved to Santa Barbara from Sweden in the beginning of August 2012. My friends and I moved in at the Villas late August/early September. The Villas is a great place to live as a student, especially if you are foreign like myself. We have all these different events, like going to the drive-in movie, open mic night, a taste of I.V., decorating cupcakes and pumpkin carving, where we can meet the other students that live here and the Community Assistants (CAs) that work here.

At first, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to live in Isla Vista (I.V.), since I had heard so much about it being a crazy party place with lots of crimes, but I have been shown the opposite.

It is so beautiful here. It is close to the beach and the views are amazing. Looking one way we see mountains and looking another way we see the ocean. It is very green here with lots of trees and grass fields. There are a lot of parties going on, but they keep them mainly on one street called Del Playa, which is not in the center of I.V. so you can get away from it if you want to.


In the center of Isla Vista, there is a Starbucks, The Habit (hamburgers), Freebirds (Mexican food), Subway, Silvergreens and a couple more eating places. There are also pubs, pizzerias, a sushi place, banks and markets where you can buy groceries ­-- pretty much the stores you need to survive. Not very far away, there is a K-Mart, Albertsons grocery store and Costco, where we can buy groceries in bulk to save some pennies, which we all know is worth everything as a student.

All in all, moving to Santa Barbara to go to City College has been one of the best adventures of my life. Stay tuned.



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Sofie B

My name is Sofie and I come from a city in Sweden called Malmoe. After I finished high school, I worked as a receptionist for about a year at a small company in Malmoe. Some friends recommended that I apply to work at IBM in Scotland. I got the job and moved to Largs in 2003. I lived in Scotland for about 3 years and then I moved back to my home town of Malmoe, where I found a job at a bank as a customer support agent.


  • In addition to all the fun I had living at the Villas, something that I also think is important no matter where I live is customer service, and the relationship a tenant has with the property manager. Whenever I had a problem with anything, like the water not running right, or being locked out, there was always someone around or someone I could call to help me out, and they were always fast about it, which I really appreciated. Overall, living at the Villas was an awesome experience.

    - Annie J.

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  • We really had a welcoming, community feeling to our building which made it that much better to come back to every day after class or work. The Villas at Tropicana has really felt like a home to me and I can't wait to come back for another year.

    - Ashley J.

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  • I loved spending my senior year at UCSB in a nice apartment that was in Isla Vista but wasn't submersed in the party atmosphere.

    - Emeri K.

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