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Meet Your Villas Programmers



At the Villas there are 2 Villas Programmer (VPs) who live on site. Get to know them and discover all the great things going on at the Villas and Isla Vista area. Having roommate issues? Your CA can help you forge a roommate agreement. Lock yourself out after the Trop office is closed? Call the VP On Duty phone for a lock-out key. Noisy neighbors? Your VP can mediate. VPs also host fun recreational and educational events to help you meet your neighbors. Say "hi!" when you see them around!

Ana M. – Villas Programmer

Ana comes from the far lands of Mexico and is in her 5th year at UCSB studying Chemistry and German. Being born in a brasilian and mexican family she has always been interested on exploring the world and learning more about other cultures. She loves all kinds of activities but her absolute favorites are practicing sports, learning languages, writing songs, dancing salsa and trying new food. She is always down to practice some Salsa and play volleyball so feel free to challenge her!

Sarahi C. – Villas Programmer

Sarahi is a 3rd year Communication and Sociology double major at UC Santa Barbara. Sarahi is originally from Fullerton, CA. She loves going to Mexico every summer to visit her grandparents and her favorite cows. She loves all types of music and will talk to anyone that crosses her way. A fun fact is that she still has a baby tooth. 


  • In addition to all the fun I had living at the Villas, something that I also think is important no matter where I live is customer service, and the relationship a tenant has with the property manager. Whenever I had a problem with anything, like the water not running right, or being locked out, there was always someone around or someone I could call to help me out, and they were always fast about it, which I really appreciated. Overall, living at the Villas was an awesome experience.

    - Annie J.

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  • We really had a welcoming, community feeling to our building which made it that much better to come back to every day after class or work. The Villas at Tropicana has really felt like a home to me and I can't wait to come back for another year.

    - Ashley J.

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  • I loved spending my senior year at UCSB in a nice apartment that was in Isla Vista but wasn't submersed in the party atmosphere.

    - Emeri K.

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